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Moonstone Bath Soak

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Get grounded & activate your feminine energy with this high vibrational Moonstone infused bath soak. A blend of magnesium salt to nourish and repair the body is brightly scented with our Moonstone essential oil blend to ground, and balance the mood, and strengthen your inner guidance and feminine energy. 

  • Properties of Moonstone

    Ethereal moonstone is known to be a gem of the high priestess, keeper of goddess energy and divine feminine knowledge, making it a perfect stone for women. 

    A guide for the third-eye chakra, moonstone enhances intuition and inner ‘knowing’ for a deeper connection to your true self. Intrinsically linked to the power of the moon, this healing stone helps us to ride the waves of emotions and reminds us that everything in life comes and goes.


  • Ingredients

    Magnesium Chloride: Packed with magnesium for optimal absorption to calm & revitalise the body.

    Himalayan Pink Salt: Full of iron and other essential trace minerals which help the body to absorb the benefits of the complete soak, improve blood circulation and uplift the aura.

    Blue Mallow Flowers: 


    Essential Oils of: 

    Patchouli: Evokes feelings of peace and sensuality. This delightful oil aids with detoxification and reduce inflammation. Patchouli is also masterful in promoting glowing goddess skin.

    Ylang Ylang: It’s sedative properties relieve tension and disperse feelings of stress, anger and anxiety. Ylang Ylang is also masterful at balancing the skins moisture and oil balance for a radiant glow.

    Clary Sage: Embodying the essence of femininity, Clary sage is amazing for soothing the nerves, and promoting lightness within the body. It also balances oil production in the hair and skin for a glowing complexion.

    Rosewood: A beautiful anti-inflammatory and anti-depressant, anointing you with a renewed energy and enlivened emotional state Rosewood is a marvellous medicine.

    Moonstone Crystal Essence