A Grateful Heart - Mindfulness Book
Your personal path to becoming a magnet for miracles. A grateful heart is filled with simple, timeless wisdom and practical principles for understanding the power of gratitude. Become a magnet for miracles.
Barkology - Words From The Dogs
Dogs have all the characteristics we all look for in a friend. They love unconditionally, they are loyal, caring, funny, enthusiastic and dependable. Dogs always wake up on the right side of the bed. They are happy to embrace the...
Awaken your mind, heart and soul to the wisdom and empathy of Buddhist teachings. Discover the pathway to enlightenment, self-worth, the real source of pleasure, goodness and compassion in the pages of this inspiring and beautiful book. Featuring poignant photography...
In ancient Egypt, cats were worshipped as Gods. Cats have never forgotten this. Elegant, intelligent, affectionate, curiously cool and fiercely independent, cats are a constant reminder that we are not the supreme beings. Catitude – Purr, Play, Love, takes you...
Earth Abundance - Inspirational Book
Earth Abundance celebrates the incredible beauty of our planet, and gently illustrates that to continue to appreciate her natural gifts, we need to change our perspective. With the inspiring writing of Deborah Glover taking you on a reflective journey, Earth...
Find Your Inner Calm
Discovering the pathway to relaxation is the key to a peaceful, fulfilled and enjoyable life. Finding your happy place can be as simple as letting go of what you can't change or doing more of what makes you smile. No...
Flying Dogs
Overflowing with personality and enthusiasm, Flyings Dogs bristles with motivation to help you thrive. Freedom can be found when we let go of who we're supposed to be and embrace who we really are. Come fly with everybody's best friends...
Friendship - Small
Packed full of wisdom and beautiful emotional sentiments. This book is a beautiful gift to show your love and appreciation for the friends in your life.
Girlfriends - Small
Packed full of wisdom and beautiful emotional sentiments. This book is a beautiful gift to show your love and appreciation for the girlfriends in your life.
Pupparazzi - Inspirational Book
Delightful and entertaining, Pupparazzi contains positive quotations and heart-melting images of our favourite fur friends. Dog lovers can fetch insight into their best friend's loyal and cheeky behaviour. Utterly fun, Pupparazzi illustrates exactly why we cannot resist our pooch's puppy...
Able to transcend age, gender, religion, and time, Rumi's writings look beyond the superficial aspects of life; instead delving into the joyous nature of love and the inherent wisdom of the heart. This beautifully produced volume is a delightful introduction...
The Book of Happiness - Inspirational Book
Happiness is cultivating a life of true contentment and wellbeing, moment to moment. Enduring joy emerges from a wealth of love,gratitude, and connection with the world around us. The Book of Happiness rejoices in the richness of life and the...
The Great Catsby
Cats often devise their own set of rules that they think we should live by. They teach us to love every day. They are gloriously human and so nice and selfish. While we are under the illusion that we have...
Twigseeds Little Book of Angels
Angels sing a sweet love story, shooting stars fall from the sky. When it comes to angelic guidance, Twigseeds magical world of wings and wonder will ensure your pathway to happiness is filled with harmony and heartfelt wishes. These sweet,...
Fulfilment in life isn't just about surviving, it's about thriving. We can only expect to excel when we are experiencing happiness and life satisfaction. Filled with reminders, prompts and inspired thoughts from the great sages of the world, the elements...
You're the Best - Inspirational Book
If you believe in yourself, anything is possible. YouÕre the Best is a little book filled with big encouragement, that gently affirms that you are good enough to do anything you set your mind to and by doing so, make...
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