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Introducing the Artisan Solid Cologne from L'Ascari, the first of it's kind in Australia.

A powerful, sexy masculine fragrance with sharp notes of bergamot & cedarwood and blended with mandarin, rosewood, patchouli, musk and tobacco.

Unlike alcohol-based colognes and aftershaves, this solid oil-based scent wont evaporate quickly off your skin and so the subtle, old-school scent will leave you smelling dapper throughout the day. 

Combining beeswax, jojoba, and shea butter with top notes of leather, sandalwood, amber, and patchouli, this really is a bold, masculine, and refined fragrance. 

At only 70mm in diameter, you can carry this little tin in your pocket or your gym bag, keep it in your car, or stash it in the drawer at your office and top yourself up as needed. Simply apply a small amount to your pulse points such as the neck, the wrists, and behind the ears.

If you're a refined gent, and you've been looking for a refined fragrance to suit your sensibilities, this could be just the product you're after. 

Handmade in Melbourne.

[35g Net Wt.]