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Build yourself better sleep foundations
  • Create a healthy mind and body with your ideal sleep routine
  • A Mulberry Silk Sleep Mask to create ideal snoozing conditions
  • Goodnight Essential Oil Roll On to soothe the mind and body before bed
  • TGC Ear Plugs to stop noise-induced sleep interruptions
  • Goodnight Tea for a soothing sip
  • Bath Soak to induce relaxation

Perfecting Your Sleep Routine 
  1. Support better sleep for better health
  2. Develop your ideal sleep routine
  3. Maximise your mood and energy levels the next day

A good night’s sleep is the cornerstone of a healthy mind and body. It is an excellent mood booster, improves memory, increases concentration and reduces your likeliness to fall ill to name a few benefits. To help you make sure you get the rest you need, our Sleep Ritual Kit contains a wonderful collection of products designed to encourage natural and healthy sleep.

Our delicious Goodnight Tea and indulgent Goodnight Bath Bomb will help to calm your mind and body before bedtime. The exclusively blended essential oils in our Goodnight Roll On will ease you into a peaceful slumber, and our signature Silk Sleep Mask and Ear Plugs will minimise distractions to help you sleep without interruption.   

Enjoy your best nights sleep ever or better yet, help someone you know struggling with sleep related problems with this beautiful kit.

The Goodnight Co. Sleep Ritual Kit includes: