Crystal Geo Gem - Amethyst

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Use your amethyst crystal double terminated point to  promote calm, balance + peace



Amethyst is a meditative + calming stone which works in the emotional, spiritual + physical planes.



The double terminated point has been chosen for this stone, as it’s useful when cultivating energy to flow in both directions. Due to the bi-directional shape (double pointed ends) they are great to use in healing layouts when crystal gridding!



Colour violet (shades of purple)



Birth month february



Zodiac aquarius + pisces



Chakra crown (sahasrara)



Emotional used to ease stress, exhaustion + helps with addictive traits within the personality



Mental calms + focuses an over active mind



Physical eases headaches



Hack position an amethyst by the entrance of your home or work area to protect your space from bad energy + the vibration of negativity. Also a great stone to put in a lavender mist, to spray around your pillow for a good nights sleep + happy dreams.