Crystal Geo Gem - Quartz

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Use your quartz crystal double terminated point to  amplify + strengthen the aura, as well as cleanse + shift any stagnant un-wanted energy.

The single point generator has been chosen for this shape as it does exactly what its name implies. It generates + projects energy. It is said to be the 'spiritual battery' + can also be used to amplify + cleanse other stones.

Colour clear/grey (although, can be all the colours of the rainbow)

Birth month all

Zodiac all

Chakra crown (sahasrara)

Emotional increases clarity of thought

Mental it assists with confidence + improves awareness by balancing + revitalising the mental planes

Physical enhances healing, stimulates the immune system + cleanses the organs

Hack use quartz to amplify or cleanse other crystals. Scatter around power points to neutralise background radiation, including electromagnetic smog; such as powered devices