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Crystal Geo Gem - Rose Quartz

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Use your rose quartz crystal sphere to attract all forms of love! Including; self love, the love of other's + attracting romance.



The round sphere has been chosen as the shape to represent the universal symbol of love. A circle has no ends or no limits. Love makes the world go round!



Colour pink 



Birth month october/november



Zodiac scorpio



Chakra heart (anahata)



Emotional as rose quartz is known as the



‘love stone’ it can be used to heal a broken heart



Mental soothing, comforting + assists combating negative thoughts + feelings; such as hatred, anger or hostility



Physical said to be the ‘fertility stone’ + is a good crystal to have for a newborn. Can also aid with depression or when feeling down



Hack soak or drop rose quartz to energetically charge some warm water when washing your face to keep skin young. Also by holding a rose quartz crystal against a bruise can reduce swelling of the skin.