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Crystal Kit - Love Bomb

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For the love bomb within you bursting to get out use this crystal kit to embrace + manifest love into your world.

Includes 200 grams of mixed tumble stone crystals 

Amethyst - is a calming stone which works on the emotional + spiritual planes to promote calm, balance + peace.

Moonstone - is soothing to the emotions + allows positive energy to flow, dissolving past hurts, pain + longings.

Rose quartz - emits a soft gentle energy that attracts love, supports love + promotes self love. This crystal can aid with healing the emotional heart.



Crystals aren’t made to rattle around in your pocket... Put them to use. Here are some creative ways to get started!

Crystal grid

Place stones on your crystal grid to attract love.

H2glo crystal drink bottles 

To nourish with self-love from the inside out


Hold in meditation to manifest love into your life.


Place crystals on your chest to open your heart chakra.


Soak rose quartz in warm water to cleanse + prepare your skin. Use with your goddess crystal face massager.


Place next to your bed to elevate love in your boudoir.