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Crystal Kit - Wellness Warrior

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For the wellness warrior within you use this crystal kit to promote health + vitality

Includes 200 grams of mixed tumble stone crystals 

Tigers eye - helps to set specific goals for your health + fitness. It promotes an energetic flow throughout the body that spurns on your confidence, strength  + willpower.

Clear quarts - makes it crystal clear that health is your focus! By cleansing the mind of self-doubt. Clear quartz will make sure you stay charged-up in your fitness or dietary intentions.

Amethyst - bring amethyst into your space to emit a cleansing vibration that soothes worry from the mind + spirit.


Crystals aren’t made to rattle around in your pocket... Put them to use. Here are some creative ways to get started!

Crystal grid

Use these stones together with a crystal grid to manifest wellness.

H2glo crystal drink bottles 

To energetically re-charge + nourish from the inside out.


Use in meditation to move through any negative money mind chatter.


Place a tigers eye crystal on your stomach to stimulate the immune system + cleanse the organs


Add an amethyst stone to a lavender mist + massage using your goddess crystal roller across temples to ease headaches.


Place a stone by the entrance to protect your space from any negative vibrations.