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Be entranced by Glasshouse Diving Into Cyprus Diffuser, a fresh scent that combines sea salt and saffron into an unexpectedly masculine, sensual blend. With notes inspired by crisp ocean air and deep blue waters, this triple scented candle is the closest thing to a dip in the Mediterranean.

 Opening with Sea Salt, Lavender and Saffron, notes of orange blossom, violet and cedar float in, a contrast to the bracing sea breeze. Rich notes of amber, sandalwood and moss add depth and longevity, for a candle that will delight your senses and enrich your home.

Perfect for when you can’t light a candle but still want to fill your home with scent, Glasshouse diffusers leave behind complex, generous fragrances that last for up to three months.

 What are the notes in Glasshouse Diving Into Cyprus? 

  • Head: Saffron. Lavender. Sea Salt.
  • Heart: Orange Blossom. Violet. Cedar Wood.
  • Base: Amber. Sandalwood. Moss.

 What sets Glasshouse diffusers apart?

  • Ideal flameless alternative to candles 
  • Lasts up to three months 
  • Formulated with high quality fragrance and reeds 
  • Adjust fragrance level by turning reeds more or less frequently 
  • No parabens, silicones or PEGs 
  • Vegan and cruelty-free 
  • Made in Australia 
  • 250ml