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Goddess Crystal Glow Kit

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Rose quartz goddess crystal roller set   

Includes rose quartz certified organic rose hip oil 10ml + face massager   


The goddess crystal glow kit's intention is to become a part of your wellness ritual. The rose quartz rollers have been chosen as they are known for their healing properties.   


When used with our certified organic rose hip oil, together with the crystal face massager, it may increase circulation, stimulate your lymphatic system, reduce water retention + puffiness of the skin whilst eliminating toxin build up.  


Intention use as your ‘self love’ tool as part of your skin care ritual to remind you to stop, reconnect + nourish thy goddess- inside + out.  


Treat yo' self with a relaxing massage whilst using your goddess face massager to help improve skin tone + assist the absorption of the certified organic ros ehip oil. Encourage cell rejuvenation + energise your skin with the vibration of rose quartz + goddess love!  


Ingredients rosa canina fruit (rose hip) oil*, d-alpha-tocopherol.*certified organic raw materials.  



Apply your goddess certified organic rose hip oil to a clean + dry face, neck + décolletage. Starting at the jawline, use the wide end of the goddess massage roller to massage in an outward direction, to enhance blood circulation for a brighter completion + to create beautiful glowing skin.  


Place the small end of the goddess massage roller vertically into the inner corner of the eye. Using a gentle rocking motion, press lightly to encourage lymph drainage in the eye zone. Ease blocked sinuses + reduce puffiness.  


Use the larger end of the goddess massage roller, ‘sweep’ away from the nose area + roll across the cheeks, throat + décolletage area. You may see a difference in the texture, tone + clarity of your complexion.  


Relax the forehead whilst rolling the larger end of the goddess massage roller on this area. Rolling both vertically + horizontally can help relieve stubborn tension headaches. This technique may also reduce the appearance of wrinkles + crinkles.  

With regular use, your fine lines can appear more plump, dark circles may diminish + you could notice a reduction in persistent wrinkles.  


Hack store in the fridge to chill your roller for an enhanced cooling effect of the natural stone.