Goodnight Monster

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The lovable plush supports a child by keeping watch near shadowy windows or under the bed. And the set’s illustrated book, What Did the Good Night Monster Do?, addresses common worries through playful depictions of Monster’s midnight mischief. Collectively, the plush and storybook invite parents and children to talk about fears and find creative coping strategies together.
Add to the fun and make the monster plush come to life by creating scenes while a child is asleep that will spark unexpected delight when they awake. Pose Monster climbing up a bookshelf or leave evidence of Monster’s midnight snack. The book is filled with imaginative ideas that inspire!

This adorable gift set holds the ingredients for creating peaceful bedtime routines with a child.

Good Night Monster is a child’s nighttime guardian. The cuddly plush comes with a storybook and tips on how parents and children can build healthy bedtime routines together.