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Luminous Humanness

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Luminous Humanness

365 Ways to Go, Grow & Glow to Make This Your Best Year Yet

Humans are habit makers, and our rituals are the foundation of our lives. The way we start our day can throw obstacles in our path or grease the wheels of our most luminous lives. Begin each day with brightening and enlightening insights and affirmations designed to lift your inner clouds and reveal your radiant self. Best-selling author and dream expert, Kelly Sullivan Walden, has created 365 insights to help you start every day the luminous way. Plug into your higher consciousness, up-level how you treat yourself and others, and remember who you are, why you're here, and how to fulfil your covenant for being on the planet at this exceptional time.

"Uplifting and deeply grounding."- Aspen Matis "Filled with wisdom, encapsulated into bite-sized morsels for you to feast on every day of the year."- Dannion Brinkley "A Book of Days that tickles and provokes us to jump into a juicier, more spirited life every morning."- Robert Moss