Kara Kangaroo Small
Kara Kangaroo has a bonza surprise - she's brought along her jumping joey! This mocha mama has soft, springy feet, long leafy ears and a huge tail for balancing! Baby pops out of her cosy tummy pouch, ready for the...
Ripe for a giggle!Get your five-a-day in an adorable way with Amuseable Avocado! Scrummily green and soft, our veggie chum has a natty two-tone jacket in speckled fur. We love that squashy, suedey stone and those jiggly cordy legs. A...
Blossom Bashful Blush Bunny Small
Blossom Bashful Beige Bunny is sugar-sweet, with flowers on her ears and feet! Super plush and pastel pink, she'll bounce along beside you, full of excitement.Her favourite game is rolling through the buttercups with all of her friends! H.18cm
Blossom Bashful Blush Bunny Medium
Blossom Bashful Beige Bunny is sugar-sweet, with flowers on her ears and feet! Super plush and pastel pink, she'll bounce along beside you, full of excitement.Her favourite game is rolling through the buttercups with all of her friends! H.31cm
Jellycat -Vivacious Vegetable - Aubergine
Jellycat - Vivacious Vegetable - Aubergine Stretchy-soft in blush plum fur, with a sweet friendly smile and a green stalk hat, this one is scrumptiously squishable! Plump and perfect with a beany bottom, this aubergine is so sere
Jellycat - Vivacious Vegetable - Beetroot
Jellycat - Vivacious Vegetable - Beetroot Vivacious Vegetable Beetroot is plump and punky in rich royal purple.A bubbly bopper with a three-leaf updo, this colourful cutie brings joy to any countertop.A plant-based pal with an affable smile, this little root's...
Jellycat - Vivacious Vegetable Pumpkin
Jellycat - Vivacious Vegetable - Pumpkin  Every day is Halloween with Vivacious Vegetable Pumpkin! Roly-poly and splendidly stretchy, with soft orange fur and stitchy ruched segments, this perky pumpkin has a kooky curly stem.Patch-perfect!
Fleury Petunia
With a gentle grin and a golden centre, this fabulous flower brings the glamour.The perfect present for a green-fingered pal. Size - 35 X 35 X 9cm Hand Wash Only. Do Not Bleach Tumble Dry Or Dry Clean
Peanut Penguin Medium
Adorable, snuggly and very, very cosy, let’s welcome the wonderful Peanut Penguin! Vintage-inspired in the baby-softest fur, he’s got icebergs full of cute charisma! Toddlers will love his friendly face and fuzzy flippers.Time to shake a tail feather and slide...
Bashful Bunny Sparklet Small
Sliding in on a moonbeam, Bashful Sparklet Bunny is dreamy-soft in soothing sage fur. Size - 20 X 15 X 10cm Hand Wash Only. Do Not Bleach Tumble Dry Or Dry Clean  
Bashful Sparklet Bunny Medium
This beautiful bunny has long, flopsy ears, speckled with silvery stars.Cuddle close for enchanted slumbers and nuzzles from that suedey pink nose.Make a wish together! Size - 30 X 20 X 15cm Hand Wash Only. Do Not Bleach Tumble Dry...
Jellycat Bashful Elephant Medium
Bashful Elephant has an amazing sense of smell, thanks to that tremendous trunk! If you’re doing some baking, don’t be surprised if you feel a supersoft nudge and find a hopeful elly beside you! With gorgeous grey fur and such...
Finley Bear
Finley Bear is one tussly grizzly, with rumpled, ruffled milk-chocolate fur! Big squashy paws and a cocoa nose help this cub trundle right through the woods! Hibernate with this tousled teddy for happy dreams of forest streams. Age: 0 months...
Fleury Daisy
Popping up out of the flowerbed, Fleury Daisy is so happy to see you! With a huge sunny smile and soft marshmallow petals, this flopsy flower always brings the springtime! A dazzling daisy to brighten your desk! Size: H38 X...
Fleury Sunflower
Chipper and cheeky, Fleury Sunflower cheers you on to aim high! With scrumptiously squashy mustard petals and a snuggly cocoa centre, this friendly flower is huggably soft. A fuzzy friend with a splash of sunshine!
Jellycat - Vivacious Vegetable - Broccoli
Jellycat - Vivacious Vegetable - Broccoli Everyone knows greens are good for you - this one brightens our day with a smile! Vivacious Vegetable Broccoli is a funky floret of bobbly fun! With stretchy-soft fur in lime and moss green,...
Jellycat - Vivacious Vegetable - Carrot
Jellycat - Vivacious Vegetable - Carrot Cordy, colourful, cute and kooky, that's Vivacious Vegetable Carrot! Gorgeously textured and squeezably soft, this bright orange buddy has a punky green leaf-do! A veggie with plenty of energy, this smiley carrot knows the...
Jellycat - Vivacious Vegetable - Pea
Jellycat - Vivacious Vegetable - Pea Sit back and enjoy one of your 5-a-day with the Vivacious Vegetable Pea! With a soft green velvety pod and a black stitch detail smile, this veggie will be your new favourite kitchen companion.
Bashful Dino Soother Green
The Bashful Dino Soother is mossy-soft in ferny green.It belongs to our podgy prehistoric pal, who has a squidgy snout and soft zigzag spines! We're pretty sure you can share, though.
Blossom Sage Bunny Medium
Blossom Sage Bunny loves to play in the herb garden! Marvellously minty, this furry friend sports a cotton posy pattern in their ears and on their paw pads.Soft as ice cream, and just as scrumptious!
Blossom Jasmine Bunny Medium Lilac
Who is this lilac lovely? Blossom Jasmine Bunny is such a funny lass.She’s clearly been rolling in the lavender patch! Her pretty ears are so colourful, and flopsy and soft as a jasmine petal.If you’re bounding around or lying in...
Bashful Petal Bunny Medium
A powder-pink, blush-nosed bunny – what could be better to cuddle up to? Bashful Petal Bunny is as soft as rose petals, and sports a puffy white cloud of a tail.Go on and give this snuffly silly a squeeze!
Bashful Fudge Bunny Medium
Bashful Fudge Bunny looks sweet enough to eat right up! But far better to hug and hold this scrumptious, lop-eared lovely.Gentle, squishy and all-round adorable, with buffly bobtail and squeezy paws! 31X12X15CM
Blossom Tulip Bunny Huge Pink
Blossom Tulip Pink Bunny is so glad you came to see her! She needs another player for her new game, “Race around the Roses”.Sometimes when she’s bounding, her flowery ears flapping, she tumbles onto her fluffy tummy! No harm done...

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